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Community Watch/Crime

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Local Advertising/Marketing

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Facebook Local Buy/Sell/Swap groups and pages

((Ellenbrook) Community RRR Group (Inactive)
Aveley, Ellenbrook & Surrounding Areas Selling Page (Inactive/Underactive)
BEB Selling Page (Ballajura, Ellenbrook and Beechboro) Group (Active)
Bidding Wars Ellenbrook and Surrounds Group (Active)
Bidding Wars Midland, Ellenbrook, Mundaring and Surrounding Suburbs Group (Inactive/Underactive)
Buy And Sell Ellenbrook And Aveley 2 (Without The Rules) Group (Active)
Buy and Sell Ellenbrook and Surrounding Suburbs Group (Inactive/Underactive)
Buy My Shit Cause I’m Too Lazy To Throw It Out!! Ellenbrook Group (Active)
Buy Nothing Aveley, WA Group (Active)
Buy Nothing Ellenbrook, WA Group (Inactive)
Buy Nothing Ellenbrook/Upper Swan/The Vines, WA Group (Active)
Buy/Sell/Trade Swan Area (PERTH AUSTRALIA) Group (Inactive/Underactive)
Ellenbrook – Buy And Sell Under $100 Group (Active)
Ellenbrook / Aveley Buy/Sell & Chat Group (Active)
Ellenbrook and Aveley New and Loved Bargain Clothes Group (Underactive)
Ellenbrook and Surrounds (North) Gymnastics, Cheer and Dance Selling Group (Underactive)
Ellenbrook and Surrounds 4×4 Buy and Sell Group (Inactive/Underactive)
Ellenbrook and Surrounds Buy and Sell Group (Active)
Ellenbrook and Surrounds Dance Community Group 356 Members (Active)
Ellenbrook and Surrounds Free, Swap and Barter Only Group (Active)
Ellenbrook and Surrounds Furniture and Homewares Buy And Sell Group (Underactive)
Ellenbrook and Surrounds Pre-owned School Uniforms Group (Active
Ellenbrook Aveley No Post Limit No Rules Group (Underactive)
Ellenbrook Bargain Bin Sales Group (Inactive)
Ellenbrook Buy and Sell Page (Inactive)
Ellenbrook Car Accessories, Cars, Motorbikes, Tools & Parts Selling Group (Active)
Ellenbrook Free Group (Active)
Ellenbrook Garage Sales Group (Underactive)
Ellenbrook Retro Vintage Buy Sell and Swap Group (Underactive)
Ellenbrook Savers Group (Underactive)
Ellenbrook Second Hand Household Goods and Furniture Group (Active)
Ellenbrook Selling Group (Active)
Ellenbrook Swap/Sell Plants Group (Underactive)
Ellenbrook Xmas Decorations 4 Sale Group (Inactive until Christmas/New Year)
Ellenbrook, Aveley and Vines Selling Group (Active)
Ellenbrook, Aveley, The Vines Community Group: No Posting Limits facebook Group (Active)
Ellenbrook/Aveley WA Buy, Sell, Rent, Free, Swap Group (Inactive/Closed)
Ellenbrook/Henley Brook Selling Group (Active)
Ellenbrook/Henley Brook/Aveley Baby/Kids Selling Group (Active)
Free, Swap and Barter Only in Ellenbrook and Surrounds Group (Active)
Garden Selling Group Ellenbrook & Surrounds Group (Active)
Hocking to Ellenbrook and All Surrounding Areas Group (Active)
Houses for Sale in Ellenbrook and Surrounds Group (Inactive/Underactive)
Kids Ellenbrook Selling Items Group (Active)
Ladies Clothes Sales – Ellenbrook and Surrounds Group (Inactive)
Midland, Ellenbrook and Surrounds Buy and Sell Group (Active)
Pay It Forward Ellenbrook And Surrounds Group (Active)
Sell it in City of Swan / Chittering Selling Group (Active)
Sell/Buy/Swap For Ellenbrook, Aveley and Surrounds Group (Active)
Swan Valley Sales and Swaps Page (Active/Underactive)
The Real Ellenbrook Garage Sales Group (Inactive)
Wanted to Buy/Hire: Ellenbrook and Surrounds Group (Inactive)
Woodlakes/Ellenbrook Buy & Sell Group (Inactive/Underactive)

Facebook Local Communities groups and pages

Annie’s Landing, Ellenbrook Page
Ellenbrook Page – LWP Property Group
Equis Lake Page
Equis Lake Neighbourhood Group
Malvern Springs Resident Noticeboard Group
The Reserve at The Vines Page
The Vines Residents Association Page
The Vines: The Reserve, Woburn Park and Equis Lake Page
Vale at Aveley Page
Woburn Park at The Vines Page

Facebook Local Events groups and pages

City of Swan Events Page
Ellenbrook & Surrounds Christmas Lights Page
Ellenbrook and Surrounds Community Halloween Page
Ellenbrook Community Collective Page
Ellenbrook Events Page
Ellenbrook Things to Do Page
Swan Valley Happenings Inc Page
Swan Valley Happenings, Western Australia Group
Things to do in Ellenbrook and Surrounds Page

Facebook General Community Chat groups and pages

Ellenbrook and Surrounds Page
Ellenbrook and Surrounds Chat Forum Group
Ellenbrook and Surrounds Community Page
Ellenbrook and Surrounds General QandA, Recommendations etc. Group
Ellenbrook and Surrounds Residents – We Matter Page
Ellenbrook Community Group
Ellenbrook Community Chat & Connect Group
Ellenbrook Noticeboard, Business Advertising and General Chat Group
Ellenbrook’s Days Of Our Lives Group
Ellenbrookians Behaving Badly Group
Families of Ellenbrook Christian College Group
Home Schooling in the Shire of Swan Group
Railway to Ellenbrook Page
Swan Valley, Perth Western Australia Page
The BEST Ellenbrook Community Chat Group

Facebook Hobbies/Lifestyle groups and pages

EBK 4×4 Group
Ellenbrook and Surrounds Creative arts and Photography Group
Ellenbrook And Surrounds Gardeners Group
Ellenbrook Fish Keepers Group
Ellenbrook Music Scene Page

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